Google’s New “Scholar Metrics” Have Potential, But Also Prove Problematic

It’s no secret that Google’s PageRank algorithm is basically the familiar journal citation approach blown out mathematically and practically to achieve the real-time network effect. Oh, how powerful it is! Now, Google is going a bit more old school, ratcheting its engine back to dabble in math of a different kind, this time the math […]

2012 – State of the art on the Systems of Innovation research: a bibliometrics study up to 2009

Over the last decades there has been a growing interest on developing research and formulating public policy by using the Innovation Systems approach. However, as evidenced on the academic literature there is a lack of systematic, chronological and synthesizing studies indicating how this field has evolved over time. This paper has as main objective to […]

2010 – Scientometric designs for advanced information retrieval on innovation’s literature.

Raimundo N. M. SANTOS – – Federal University of Pernambuco – Av. da Arquitetura s/n, Campus Universitário. Recife – PE. 50740-550. (Brazil) Mauricio URIONA – Jane L.S. SANTOS – – Federal University of Santa Catarina. Campus UFSC,  Bairro Trindade. Florianopolis. SC. 88040-970. (Brazil) Jatin SHAH – – Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School […]

Seminário sobre recuperação de informação em bases de dados e seu uso para pesquisas bibliométricas

No dia 19 de Maio/2010, o NGS recebeu a visita do Prof. Raimundo Nonato Macedo dos Santos, quem fez uma apresentação sobre os recursos de recuperação de informação em bases de dados e seu uso para pesquisas e estudos bibliométricos. O foco dessa apresentação foram os conceitos básicos das técnicas bibliométricas e cientométricas, discutindo sobre […]